Gluten Free Chicken Noodle Soup

by - January 08, 2018

My mom has been making this chicken noodle soup for as long as I can remember.  Anytime anyone felt under the weather she would whip this up and we would all start to feel a bit better.  When I got really sick, I ended up eating a lot of this and even after I was diagnosed, I ate a lot because I needed to heal my gut.  This soup is so easy on your stomach but is packed with lots of nutrients to help heal your body.  It is the perfect food when trying to detox from gluten or for any ailment that you have.

I start with a rotisserie chicken because it is just so much easier. It cuts out the huge step on cooking a chicken.  You just want to be careful and make sure you read your labels because not all rotisserie chickens are gluten free.  Some stores do use gluten in cooking them so make sure to get a gluten free one.  I usually get mine from either Sam's Club or Costco because they sell gluten free ones.  A lot of times I will buy one and my family will eat it for dinner.  The next day I will take all the leftover meat off of it and then use the bones for soup so I get two dinners out of it.
Next. I get vegetables.  If I know that I am going to be making this soup ahead of time I will save the vegetable scraps from the week before. Any veggies that we eat I will save the tops or the parts that we don't use and then throw it into the soup.  You can switch up any veggies that you want but I suggest to always use at least celery and onions.  I have tried to make it without these and it just doesn't turn out right.  The celery and onions are a must but anything else can be replaced.  These are just the veggies that I usually use because I always have them on hand because they are our favorite. I have also been known to add a bit of salsa because it has such good flavors already packed in.  I especially like to do this when my veggie drawer isn't as full as I would like and want to add some extra flavor.
You then take the chicken bones with all the meat off that you can get, throw it in the pot and then add the veggies. Add chicken broth until it covers everything.  Make sure you get gluten free chicken broth as well because there are lots of kinds and some are not safe.  I like the Pacific brand and it is usually my go to chicken broth.
After the soup comes to a boil, let it simmer for about 2-4 hours.  I usually check it around the 2 hour mark to see how it is coming. Sometimes it is done but other times it might need longer to simmer.  Just let it cook until it tastes good to you. When it is done cooking, I strain all the chicken bones and veggies out of it and then add some carrots to the broth and let them cook until they are soft. While this is happening I will cook some gluten free noodles.  I have been known to use anything from spaghetti noodles to penne or anything in between.  Whatever I have in my pantry I use, but my kids actually like the spaghetti noodles the best. I will break them up so they aren't so long and my kids have lots of fun slurping them up.
 I usually add the noddles separately because they can get soggy if left in the broth and I am not a fan of that.  I add some noodles in the bowl, add some cut up chicken and then add the hot broth over it all to make the perfect consistency.  It always turns out great and you never have to worry about soggy noodles.

I like to always have this soup on hand whenever someone in my family needs it.  This is great if you want to freeze it so that you van have it when you need it. If you accidentally eat gluten and you are having a hard time, this is perfect. If I am really sick I will just drink the broth straight. I usually just put it in a mug and sip on it when I can't seem to eat anything else. This is another reason to keep the noodles separate so that you can freeze it and keep it for later. This really is the best soup and my whole family just loves it.  My kids get so excited when I make it and everyone just slurps it down.  Check out the video down below to see exactly how I make it and make sure to check out my YouTube channel for more great recipes and product reviews.

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Gluten Free Chicken Noodle Soup
This is the perfect soup for when you are ill or just a cold winter night.
  • 1 rotisserie chicken
  • celery
  • onions
  • carrots
  • bell peppers
  • tomatoes
  • greens (kale, swiss chard, etc.)
  • 4 cartons gluten free chicken broth
  • 1 tablespoon minced garlic
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 package gluten free pasta
  • 1 1/2 cups diced carrots
1. Take off as much meat from the rotisserie chicken that you can and add the bones to a big pot. Cut chicken meat in bite size pieces and set aside.2. Cut up vegetables and add to the pot with the chicken bones.3. Add enough chicken broth to cover bones and vegetables. Add garlic and salt and pepper. Mix everything together.4. Cook on high until soup comes to a boil. Turn down heat to low and simmer for 2-4 hours.5. When done cooking, strain out vegetables and chicken bones leaving just the chicken broth. You may need to strain the broth a couple times to make sure everything is removed. Put back on a medium heat and add carrots to broth. Cook until carrots are tender.6. While carrots are cooking, cook pasta in separate pot according to package instructions. Strain water from pasta and set aside.7. In a bowl add some gluten free pasta, cut up chicken and then pour hot broth over. Serve immediately.*This soup can be frozen for later use. Just put broth into an airtight container and store in freezer up to two weeks for best results. Do not freeze with noodles or chicken.
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