Gluten Free Lip Gloss Review

by - September 11, 2018

I did a gluten free makeup review about a month ago with Red Apple Lipstick and I just fell in love. I love that their company has a whole line of gluten free makeup.  It can be so frustrating when you try and find out if certain brands have makeup that contains gluten.  Trying to read makeup labels can feel like you are reading another language.  Having gluten free makeup is very important to someone with Celiac because you can easily ingest something that is on your face, especially on your lips so making sure what you are wearing is gluten free is extremely important for your health.  This company is the best because they take all the frustration out of shopping so you can just enjoy shopping for fun makeup.

I really wanted to try some lip glosses and so I was thrilled when I got them in the mail. I got 5 different colors and they are all so fun and I loved every color. All of them have a mint smell to them which is really perfect with a lip gloss.  They have a wonderful feel when you wear them and make your lips feel amazing.  They not only look so cute but they actually moisturize your lips which I am all about.

I am a busy mom and most days I don't get a chance to put on makeup.  I love this lip gloss because I just have them in my purse and I can put it on and it will instantly make me look that much better even when I don't have any other makeup on which I love.  It smells great, looks great and I am hooked.  I loved every color that I tried and I just love this company so much.  If you love makeup as much as I do, you have to check out this company and get some of their amazing make up because you will definitely not be disappointed. Check out the video down below to see my full review and make sure to check out Red Apple Lipstick to find some amazing products.

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